Monday, December 19, 2011

Tutorial: Play Warcraft III Fullscreen on a Widescreen Monitor

If you're a warcraft III player (especially DotA, maybe), perhaps you got a problem when your warcraft III shows up like this instead of fullscreen when playing :

Now, here is step by step on how to make it run in fullscreen mode:

Attention!! Close your Warcraft III before proceeding..

First, open your registry editor.. Go to Start --> All Programs --> Accessories --> Run

or you can just press the Windows + R key..

Type "regedit" (without the quotes) in the box and click "OK".. If the User Account Control prompts for permission, choose "Yes"

After you're in the registry editor, choose:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER --> Software -->Blizzard Entertainment --> Warcraft III --> Video

Notice that there are 2 values that I highlight above, the "resheight" and the "reswidth" value.. These 2 values determine the resolution height and width of your warcraft III system. So, we will edit these values to make it full widescreen (16 : 9)

Right click the value and choose "Modify".. Or you can simply double click the value to edit it..

Here, I go for the height first.. It doesn't matter if you want to edit the width or the height first, what matter is just the size..

After you click "Modify", a dialog box would appear.. Set the base to 'Decimal', and set the height to "768"

Same method for the width, but set the size to "1366"

Done.. Now, run your Warcraft III... It should become fullscreen like this:

P.S.: The above resheight and reswidth values are a standard widescreen monitor resolution (1366 x 768).. If your monitor is 1280 x 720, set the resheight to "720" and the reswidth to "1280", and so on for the other resolution.. Keep in mind that "resolution" = "width" x "height"..

Hope this can help you...

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  1. Nice tutorial friend!

    It also work in linux under wine:
    $ wine regedit