Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tutorial: How to make Your PC can read Japanese Character

Maybe you ever experienced a time when you're watching an anime, and the japanese characters showed up as some strange characters (like some rectangle chars) that surely a normal human can't read at all.. Well, this tutorial will help you to fix that thing, and make your PC can read Japanese char in other programs as well..

First of all, go to your Control Panel.. You can find it from Start --> Control Panel

Then choose the "Region and Language" setting..

It will looks like the above view if you view the setting by "Large Icons".. If some of you view it by "Category", It will look like this:

After you click the "Region and Language" setting, choose the "Administrative" tab and click "Change System Locale"...

Set the System Locale to "Japanese"...

After that, click "OK" and your PC will prompt for a restart..

Restart your PC, and voila... Now your PC can read Japanese characters instead of those garbage chars...

P.S.: The above method is for Windows 7 OS.. If you run XP, I believe it's pretty the same way.. Just go to the Region and Language setting and change the System Locale..
Hope this tutorial can help you...

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