Sunday, December 25, 2011

Tutorial: Changing Internal Subtitle Language (if Available) in MPC

Okay.. Maybe you ever experienced this before.. You download a movie said to be English sub but contain different sub language.. But wait, don't get upset quickly.. There is some chance that the movie contain more than 1 subtitle in it.. So, here is the way to check and changing the available internal sub:

For example, I want to change the above subs to English.. What should I do?

It's simple.. Just go to the Navigate menu and then change the Subtitle Language..

Or you can also right click on the video and choose Navigate --> Subtitle Language

Tadaaa... Now you've successfully changed your subs language..

P.S.: You can also change the audio with the same way (perhaps when you want to switch to the original Japanese dub anime from English dub).. Just choose the Audio Language instead of Subtitle Language..

Hope this tutorial can help you :)

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