Wednesday, December 28, 2011

RAM Limit on Windows 7

Maybe some of you have experienced this before.. "I bought a 4 GB RAM and install it in my laptop, but why the hell it only read 2.8 GB of it??"

Well, it's true that some of them are used for another hardware (especially Graphic Card).. But a test in Germany give in a result like this:

Strange, right? Even a computer without a Graphic Card Reduce the RAM size by 0.5 GB, and  a 256 MB Graphic Card reduce the same amount of RAM as the 1 GB Graphic Card..

Well then.. The truth is, Windows 7 limits RAM via the Kernel..

Yes.. 32-bit Windows 7 won't allow us to have a RAM with size > 4GB.. So, if you have a > 4GB RAM, I suggest you to switch to the 64-bit.. Or, you can do some "patching" to your kernel.. See Here

Well, that's some info about RAM limit.. Hope this can help you all, and have a nice day ^^

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  1. i found out this link.hope it may help