Saturday, December 17, 2011

Definitive Guide for a Gaming PC

Alright, this is some guide for you who're looking to buy a PC, especially for gaming reason.. Hopefully this will help you to avoid the freakin' lagging problem when playin games, and the most fearsome thing that could happen, "Blue Screen"...

So, there are 3 most important parts that you should take a note of, the Processor, VGA (Video Graphic Adapter), and the RAM (Random Access Memory).. These 3 parts hold the important role regarding your gaming performance..
Processor ==> Determines the speed of your PC's processing.. Better processor means better game processing speed..

VGA ==> Determines the graphic quality, and the graphic rendering performance of your PC.. Low VGA will cause some lag or delay in your game due to the graphic rendering process.. 512 MB is the standard Video Card used this day..

RAM ==> Your PC data storage.. Every process in your PC must queue in your RAM first before being processed in the processor.. Low RAM can cause "Blue Screen" when it no longer can hold the game processing data..

Standard gaming PC specs today:
  •  intel i5 processor
  •  4 GB RAM
  •  1 GB VGA Card

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