Thursday, August 9, 2012

VN Review: Galaxy Angel

Hnggghhh... Finally finish my Galaxy Angel Visual Novel.. So, today I'll give some review about it here..

Alright then.. Like I said above, I'll only give my review and opinion about the game.. You can check the game information Here, and you can get the synopsis Here if you want :)

  • Graphic (9/10)
    Well, yeah.. Honestly, I think the overall CG is great.. The characters are drawn beautifully, and really matched their personality..
  • Sound (8/10)
    What else to say? The characters were fully voiced by seiyuu, and it matched perfectly.. The only character that I think not matched with the voice is Forte though :(
  • Story / Plot (8/10)
    Well, the story was just exactly as the game title describe.. Spaceship, Space Combat, Fictional World, etc.. Good story with romance and comedy added in it ^^
  • Cutscenes (9/10)
    Oh yes, this game have some cutscenes for the plot.. Not something you often see in a Visual Novel ^^
  • Gameplay (6/10)
    Well, although this is a Real-Time Strategy Game, the only thing you need to do is just controlling the Emblem Frames (the combat ship) in battle.. A real letdown for me as an RPG lover, cause you can't do things like upgrading your ship, or buy some additional weapon, etc.. The combat is relatively easy too.. But well, for those who are not really into the play, this won't be a problem at all :)
  • H-Scenes (0/10)
    Yes, this game doesn't have any H-Scenes.. So for you guys who're looking for it, I feel sorry for you.. Well, me myself actually enjoying this game without the H-Scenes anyway (Yes, cause you can play this with your little sister besides you, lol)..
Overall = (9 + 8 + 8 + 9 + 6) / 5 = 8.0 (8/10)

Yeah.. Overall, this is a good VN, with some pretty heroines inside XD.. and note that I didn't include the H-Scene score in calculation, cause really, I don't think it's matter anyway :p

Some Screenshots:

Ma, ijou desu.. See ya next time ^^


  1. Graphic(9/10)?
    for the lines and coloring, i dont think so :v

    "Yes, cause you can play this with your little sister besides you, lol"

    but i dont have a little sister -__-"