Friday, August 24, 2012

Tutorial: Overclock your Video Card using RivaTuner

Hmm, so today I'll post something that I often do before playing games on my Laptop :D

As usual, this is an advance topic.. So if you have no idea about what is Overclocking, you can read about it Here first.. Or if you also don't know what is a Video Card exactly, Here it is :)

p.s.: Overclocking may damaged your hardware if used without caution.. I won't be taking any responsibilities if you're having trouble with your hardware after doing this.. DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK

Okay.. So, as the title said, we need the RivaTuner software to do this.. So, if you don't have it yet, don't worry, you can download it Here

Well then, let's begin.. First, open your RivaTuner.. If you got any warning or what, just skip it..

Next, you need to select your Primary Display.. In my case, it's the Generic PnP Monitor (I used ATI Radeon Card)

After you've selected your display, click the arrow below the Select Display box (in my screenshot, it's the white arrow that head to 5 o'clock).. Select the Low-level System Settings (the one with the video card picture)..

After you click it, you will be shown something that looks like the pic below

Already got it, eh? Well, just a little more.. Check the Enable low-level hardware overclocking option above.. In some case, you will be shown a dialog box like this:

If you are certain that you're not using any other overclocking utilities, then you can just click Detect now without having to reboot your computer..

Alright, now you've seen the slider, right? See the darken bar behind the slide? It means that's the safe zone for your overclocking.. If you go beyond that (or below that), you have a high risk of damaging your hardware.. Now, just get the slider up a bit (I myself usually only add ~100 MHz for the clock)

You can go for higher value, but in some case, setting the clock too high can cause garbage on your screen (texture missing, sprite problem, etc.. and black screen for the worst case).. Adjust it carefully..

Okay.. Now if you're done, just click the apply button.. If you also want to adjust the fan spin, go to the Fan tab..

Like previous, just click the Enable low-level fan control.. You can set the fan speed to a fixed percentage, or auto.. If you want to keep your video card cool, you can set it to Fixed 100%.. There's no risk, only the noisy sound that came from the fan spinning at its full rate.. I usually go for Auto though, since it adjust your fan speed according to your video card temperature (the higher the temperature, the faster it spins)

Done? Alright.. Now click Apply, and then OK.. You will be sent back to the RivaTuner main interface :3

One last thing to do is, go to the Setting tab.. Make sure the Send to tray on close option is checked..

Voila, now you're done.. Click Apply, and then OK.. Your RivaTuner will be sent to System Tray, and you can experience faster gaming performance now ^^

RivaTuner on System Tray

Well, that's all.. Hope this can help you all :)


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