Saturday, August 4, 2012

Dog Days - To the Funtasy world

Haa, just finished watching Dog Days BD.. Overall impression, it's good (8/10).. Recommended for you guys who like comedy fantasy theme anime :)

At first, I thought this anime doesn't actually have a plot, cause the series was all happy.. It starts off like a number of fantasy series, where our protagonist getting summoned to another world as a hero to assist with a "war" that's currently going on. Thus, the life of our protagonist in this another world is started..

The animation was beautiful.. The vibrant colors clearly resembled the happy and cheerful mood this anime had initially.. The plot also seems interested with some twisted event in the middle of the story.. Not to mention the comedy in this anime, which will no doubt shall help you laugh ^^

One of the good point in this anime is that where there are many anime series that have those weak and useless protagonist that really don't do much, but not with Dog Days.. The protagonist is called a hero for a good reason, and he's always ready to fight and plays significant role in many battles. He also really a nice and likeable character.

Aww, can't wait for the S2 BD to be released XD

Some extra,

My favorite heroine, Eclair-chan ^^b

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