Monday, January 2, 2012

Tutorial: Make Chapters in MKV using MKVToolNix

Alright, we'll just go right to the point.. Let's say that I'm watching a concert movie, but hell, I can't seek through the song via chapter.. Now I must click and click through the seekbar to find the song (which is really not handy at all)..

So then I decide to make the chapters myself.. How?? Well then, here is step by step on how to make the chapters using MKVToolNix..

First, install MKVToolNix.. You can get it from Here

Now, if you're done installing it, open the mkvmerge..

Then choose Chapter Editor --> New chapters

It should become like this.. Now, choose the "(new chapter file)" and then click "Add Chapter"

Now, you will have it like this.. Choose the "(unnamed) [und]".. This will be our 1st chapter in the video..

It should goes like this..

Now, I will give some little explanation about the "Things" that I marked above..
1. Start  --> Starting time of your chapter
2. End   --> End time of your chapter
The Start & End time format is
e.g. Start 00:14:53.5 -------- End 00:17:42.123 means the chapter start at 14 min 53 sec + 500 ms and end at 17 min 42 sec + 123 ms
3. UID  --> This is a unique identifier for each chapter.. UID normally assigned automatically by the program, but can be changed only if it is really needed (which mean you usually doesn't have to bother changing it)
4. Hidden --> if this is checked, the player won't show the current chapter entry to user (but still can be used by the menu system)
5. Enabled --> If this is unmarked (unchecked), the player will skip the part which the current chapter occupies (so yes, you should keep this checked unless you don't want the chapter to be played)
6. Name --> Chapter name, used so the user can identify the chapter.
7. Language & Country --> Chapter language and country value.. Just left it blank / undertermined..

So then, we start making our chapter.. Set the "Start" and "End" time and also the "Name"..

The above example will set a chapter called "Opening" from 00:00:00 until 00:00:26 (yes, 26 seconds long from the beginning of the movie)..

If you're done, just click at the "(new chapter file)" or the "EditionEntry 1".. Or if you want to add another chapter, just click the "Add Chapter" button..

Repeat the above step until you finish making all your chapter...

Okay.. Now you say, "I've finished my chapters.. Then what should I do?".. Yes, we'll save it into the video..

Select Chapter Editor --> Save to Matroska file

Choose the video you want to add the chapter...

Wait for the analysis to be finished...

Voila.. Now you have the chapters in your video.. As for me, now I can easily switching between songs :)

Things to know:
  • Video / Movie with chapter will make user easier in skipping between parts..
  • Gap between chapters is bad.. Try to make all the chapters continuous..
  • You can also save the chapter to XML file, so you can use it in the future if you want.. Just choose Chapter Editor --> Save instead of saving to mkv..

That's all about making chapters in mkv.. Hope this tutorial can help you :)


  1. Been trying to figure out how to do this for a while. Great tutorial !! Thanks very much.

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  10. I don´t see any option to add all the chapters that you need at the same time. I must add 1 chapter each time, why? I would like to be able to add 10, 15, 18 chapters with only 1 click and not 18 clicks. I´m missing something?